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Moody Deluxe Cartridges Round Liner

19.90 - 23.90 + IVA

Box with 20 Moody Deluxe Cartridges Round Liner
3rd Generation

Available in 0,25 0,30 and 0,35mm needle diameter with a 7mm long taper.


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Cartuchos Moody Deluxe

3rd Generation - Round Liner

Caja con 20 cartuchos

Available in 0,25 0,30 and 0,35mm needle diameter with a 7mm long taper.

The 3rd Generation of Cartuchos Moody Deluxe is a complete line of needles for any style, with the highest quality and tested by several tattoo artists.
All needles are manufactured in Medical Grade 316L Stainless Steel and are inspected to guarantee our quality standards so that you do not have to discard needles still packaged.
Each needle has a uniform, smooth and shiny weld that reduces friction in the tubes in addition to a consistent and equal cone (taper) on all needles.

The Moody Deluxe Cartridges Round Liner son solo para tatuajes y están disponibles en cajas con 20 unidades.

Cartuchos de plástico de grado médico.
Agujas fabricadas en acero inoxidable de grado médico 316L.
Embalado en blister individual con esterilización y fecha de caducidad impresa en cada blister.
Esterilizado con gas EO.

Información Adicional

Peso 0.13 kg
Dimensiones 16 × 9 × 3 cm
Diámetro de la aguja

0.25, 0.30, 0.35

Tamaño de la aguja

3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL, 11RL, 14RL

Tipo de aguja

Forro redondo


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